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Questions and Answers

Why would I use MobiPeep?
There are billions of small businesses around the world, but only a small proportion have sites and a much smaller proportion have mobile sites. If you want to sites and sell mobile sites you need to find leads first. Finding a local business and then having to first find out whether they have a website, and then if they have a mobile site with your mobile phone is very time consuming, not to mention that it's tedious and ineffective. MobiPeep allows you to quickly find out local businesses that don't yet have a website or a mobile site.
How exactly does it work?
You simply type the place you want to search (for example: Oxford, UK), select the category (for example: Restaurants) and click search. MobiPeep returns a list of the 20 nearest establishments in the seach criteria and analyses each one to tell you whether they have a website and a mobile mobile site or not.
What if my location has more than 20 potential businesses?
When you search in MobiPeep, you get a list of the 20 nearest businesses. So if you search for example for "New York, USA", MobiPeep will provide the list of the 20 businesses closest to New York city's centre. If you want to get more results you need to start exploring other neighborhoods in New York, doing detailed searches for specific streets, of areas.
What can I do after I find businesses that don't have a site or a mobile sites?
It's up to you! You can either call them, send them an e-mail or even mail to offer site and mobile site services. Hell, you should even visit them in person!
How many searches can I do?
It depends on how many credits you have. Each search consumes 2 credits.
How many results do I get per search?
You get 20 results per search.

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